WRX Coin Price Prediction in July 2021 , 2022 , 2015 | Wrx Burn Event |

WRX Coin Price Prediction

As we all know that Wazirx burn their native token after every 3rd month. Company has done this four times so far. Now its end of June 2020. WRX Burn Event  is on the way. People saw, last burn gave wazirx token huge pump. Now everyone is looking at it. They want to get idea of WRX Coin Price Prediction.

In this article i will cover all the major factors on which it depends. Then we will try to get a rough idea of price. If anyone don’t agree with our guess, we welcome all of them on post to tell us in the comment box.

Don’t forget to write exact WRX Coin Price Prediction as per your guess. If we found your information useful, we will add same in this post too.

WRX Price Prediction

आप सभी को पता है कि वजीरएक्स कंपनी के रूल के हिसाब से हर तीसरे महीने में उनके नेटिव टोकन डब्ल्यू आर एक्स कॉइन का Burn किया जाता है। burn का मतलब यह नहीं होता कि कंपनी उन coin को जला देती है। WRX Coin Burn Event का मतलब है कंपनी उनको इनको एक डेड अकाउंट पर भेज देती है जो कभी भी सप्लाई में वापस नहीं आते।

ऐसा ही एक इवेंट ऑफ होने वाला है क्योंकि पांचवा तिमाही  पूरा हो रहा है 30 जून को।  अगर हम पिछले इवेंट की बात करें तो वह  अब तक का सबसे बड़ा कॉइन बर्न इवेंट  था। उसकी वजह से कॉइन की वैल्यू 10 गुना से ज्यादा हो गई थी। अगले हफ्ते होने वाले इवेंट के बाद  हमने WRX Price Prediction पता लगाने की कोशिश की है।

WRX Coin Price

We all know that price change can happen within seconds in crypto world. Hence to be clear at the time of writing this post, WRX Coin Price is $ 1.12. This is very low as compared to its previous highs. You must consider it to have it in your portfolio as a major burn event is gonna happen in one or two weeks.

As per previous pattern, we get official announcement by mid July. But one thing you need to keep in mind. In this video we have discussed about WRX Price Prediction. We all know that a major burn event is on its way. We all are expecting WRX 10 $ price range.

WRX Price History

A lot of people are trading in this coin. They want to get idea of WRX Coin Future. This is not much difficult. You have to look at its previous performance to get better idea of its growth potential.

wrx coin price Prediction
wrx coin price Prediction
WRX Coin Price History
Date Highest Price Lowest Price Trade Volume Change %
Jun 2021 2.165800 1.003000 583.18M -39.84%
May 2021 2.880400 0.722400 661.13M -34.69%
Apr 2021 5.570830 0.782680 1.68B 255.35%
Mar 2021 0.856820 0.245910 981.58M 225.00%
Feb 2021 0.382530 0.101300 957.30M 135.57%
Jan 2021 0.118770 0.064460 418.81M 60.03%
Dec 2020 0.082370 0.064140 158.58M -20.04%
Nov 2020 0.091760 0.064400 246.94M 3.07%
Oct 2020 0.103470 0.079150 338.56M -20.16%
Sep 2020 0.136400 0.086840 217.13M -27.15%
Aug 2020 0.181860 0.121510 646.96M 11.17%
Jul 2020 0.148650 0.120470 387.30M -3.53%
Jun 2020 0.138440 0.111020 249.80M -3.11%
May 2020 0.154150 0.115380 472.31M -7.13%
Apr 2020 0.159090 0.094030 1.53B 45.76%
Mar 2020 0.229790 0.052020 3.16B 60.58%

WRX Coin Price Prediction in INR

If you look at the current market condition, all the altcoins move along with the direction of bitcoin usually. But burn is the moment when any coin can behave in totally opposite direction of the market trend. I will tak about the situation that usually happen in such cases. I am gonna discuss Wrx Coin Price prediction in INR in this post. You will be surprised to find out that native token has so much potential this coin have. In the previous burn event, when the bull market was in full speed, WRX Coin Price touched 443 INR mark. Right now the bear market is going on from past 3 months. Hence we cant expect the same value in current event. But still the popularity of wazirx exchange brought good value to its native token. As per my experience, Wrx Coin Price prediction in INR is approx. 200 Indian rupees.

WRX Price Prediction In 2021 |INR|

Cryptocurrency market is growing with full speed in India. On the basis of its market cap, upcoming burn events and various other factors, we have given wrx coin prediction. 

Date WRX Price
August 2021 200 INR
3 $
31 Dec 2021 1000 INR
10-15 $

WRX Price Prediction In 2022 |INR|

Date WRX Price
28 Dec 2022 2200 INR

These price are based on previous situation only. They may go higher or lower on the basis of current market situation and development.

WRX Price Prediction In 2025 |INR|

Date WRX Price
28 Dec 2025 7000 INR
85-100 $

As per the current situation and situation in country WRX coin price in upcoming 2025 may touch the 100$ figure. If we calculate this in Indian currency then the price of WRX will be around 7000 INR.

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