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Meditation has become a widespread relaxation technique all around the world and has many followers.

In my opinion, made famous by Buddha’s use, it is an efficient way to calm your body and mind. The words below come from personal experience and are not theory, you might find much contradictory information about this subject, but it is crucial to get practical results that work for you.

Meditations may be used for many things. It is possible to stop anxiety with meditations, but it would have to be customized. Perhaps the meditations which are made specifically for certain goals are best suited to those means. Meditations are a terrific way to create things inside the brain that wasn’t there previously. If you lack certain coping mechanisms in mind, you can construct them and put them there through the power of meditation.

Using meditation as a means of relaxing can occasionally backfire but in a good way. Allow me to explain.

First, start with a sitting posture preferably on a pillow or cushion with your legs crossed and back straight but relaxed (don’t hunch). It’s quite important when you first begin to maintain a quiet area where you will not be disturbed.

meditation on pillow seated on floor

There are many different “poses” for how you should place your arms, the important thing to remember is you will need to be comfortable and in a position where you don’t need to adjust every other minute.

Close your eyes and clear your mind. One of the most challenging things with meditation is blocking those everyday ideas and voices from entering you mind. To begin with, it is straightforward to think about people, situations, money or things you will need to get done. Your target is to clear your mind completely, and this is what gives you the feeling of being completely relaxed.

How you achieve this feeling of comfort is by paying close attention to your breaths, in through your nose and out through your mouth. This should be a natural pattern for a while as you should not be present with what you are doing with your body as this is a mental exercise.

You’re fully conscious during meditation, so it isn’t about sleeping, many folks confuse the feeling of complete comfort with nodding off!

How often you meditate is highly debatable, but I look at it like anything you wish to be good in – the longer you do it, the better you will be. When you first begin, you will probably have the ability to hold a feeling of tranquility or complete comfort for a few seconds if you meditate for an hour. The more often you practice, the longer you can maintain that feeling and the more effective your meditation will be.

There are many myths about meditation which come from an area of confusion. One of them is that you may meditate while someone is talking you through the process. Although some might argue there are different types of meditation, trying to listen to someone talking while you are trying to block out all thoughts is a conflict where you will not find any progress.

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