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Running Tips for Women

Cardiovascular exercises such as running and jogging have immense health benefits on the human body. As women age, they require a good exercise routine to keep fit, and to prevent several health problems that they are prone to. As such, some running tips have been presented in this article, which can contribute to overall fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Why Running is Important
Before you begin running, take a look at why it is so important for you.

  • It is a universally known fact that running plays a very important and effective role in weight loss. Not only that, it helps build up stamina, and increases the basic metabolic rate of the body.
  • Running on a regular basis can help strengthen the body joints, which tend to degenerate in the process of aging. Running keeps them moving and strong. If you think that running is a cause of knee problems, it is so only because your knees are already weak. In order to keep them going, and prevent the onset of problems such as osteoarthritis, running regularly is a good solution.
  • Runners swear by the stress-busting powers of running and jogging. It loosens the tension accumulated all over the body, and enhances clarity of thought. Notice the ‘high’ you feel after a good run. It has also been used as part of treatment for clinical depression and drug rehabilitation.
  • The risk of developing heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and cancer can be reduced by running. It also controls blood pressure, and enhances the body’s immunity to various diseases. All this means you’re definitely going to live longer and better.

Do you still need more reasons to get into those shoes and head out for a run?

Tips for Women Runners
Take a look at these tips to be able to make running a part of your daily routine.

  • Before you begin running, ensure that you warm up. A warm up is very essential, as it prevents the sudden shock that the body might receive on being subjected to sudden vigorous exercise. Moreover, beginning suddenly will also make you prone to an injury of the knees. Warming up elevates the heart rate and prepares the body for further exercise.
  • Warm up with a brisk walk or by jogging.
    Wear appropriate gear for running. That means comfortable clothes, a well-fitting sports bra, and more importantly, comfortable shoes. Wearing the wrong shoes can definitely give you a good excuse to stop running. Have your shoe size checked, buy the right pair, and wear them with thick cotton socks.
  • Don’t try to run a long distance immediately. Initially, run only as much as your body allows you to. Slowly increase the time and the distance. This is an effective way of building up your resistance and stamina. Don’t overwork your body, as it will demoralize you if you are unable to meet your own high expectations.
  • Run on an even surface, such as grass or a specific running track. An uneven track is not only going to hurt your feet, but can also result in injury of the joints, mainly the knees.
  • An interesting way to spice up your running program is to do it with a partner, or with some music. Running to beats is a great way to attain a good rhythm and speed. Listen to fast music to get you into the groove. We all know the benefits of group workouts. The results are better when you have someone to motivate you all the time.
  • Ensure that you perform a good stretching routine or practice some yoga later on to loosen those tight muscles, and tone the body.
  • It is also important that you give your body adequate nutrition and rest. The human body is very sensitive to these factors, which we generally tend to ignore. However, it is only when you pay attention to these ‘little’ factors that will you be able to notice the overall difference it is making in your lifestyle. As such, a combination of a healthy diet, adequate rest, and good exercise is the key to a healthy life.

Hope you are ready to gear up and hit the road!

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