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Heart Disease Prevention Tips

Heart disease claims many lives every year throughout the world. The rate of early mortality is also very high amongst people suffering from this disease. Unhealthy and modern lifestyle can be considered as the prime cause of it. There are several risk factors associated with it. If these risk factors are avoided, then it can be controlled at an early stage and can also be prevented.

Preventive Measures

Reduce Weight
Obesity is considered as one of the primary causes. Obese people are at a higher risk of developing heart disease than average people. Hence, if you are overweight, you should immediately take measures to keep your weight within normal range. Belly fat makes you prone to heart disease, hypertension, and diabetes. Fortunately, it is also one of the easiest part to get rid of fat.

Quit Smoking
Smoking is yet another leading cause of heart disease. Besides, it also exposes you to other diseases such as lung cancer. It constricts the vessels of the heart. Thus, your heart has to work more to pump the blood and circulate it. Also, it releases toxins in the bloodstream, which deprive the heart cells of valuable oxygen. Hence, smoking should be quit as early as possible to protect your heart. Even low nicotine cigarettes are as harmful as normal ones in the long run.

Active Lifestyle
Inactive and sedentary lifestyle is the bane of technology to mankind. People rarely have the time or need to exert their bodies. Moderate exercises for about 30 minutes is needed to free yourself from the risks of heart disease. Walking, jogging, or gym workouts can help in alleviating the risks. It should be noted that, although Japan has one of the highest smoking rates in the world, it also has the least incidences of heart disease. This is contributed to the very active lifestyle which Japanese people lead.

Healthy Diet
Diet is an important factor which decides the susceptibility to any disease. The high fat diet that we mostly follow does a great deal of damage to the heart. High levels of LDL cholesterol from these foods accumulate in the arteries and constrict them. This increases your susceptibility to a heart attack. Low fat diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables is good for the heart. One can also exchange high fat oil with virgin olive oil or other light vegetable oil such as canola, soy, sunflower, etc., and include natural vitamins in the diet.

Eliminate Stress
Stress is termed as a silent killer. It can have a bad impact upon your heart’s health. Hence, try to eliminate stress from your life. Be tactful while handling stressful situations if it is not possible to completely evade them. One can also consider practicing yoga and meditation everyday in the morning for stress relief.

Regular Checkup
If you are a person above 40 years of age, it is strongly recommended that you get a routine medical examination done. People suffering from diabetes and hypertension should be even more diligent about their medical examination. Regular checkups can help you detect any symptoms of heart disease at an early stage itself. This will enable you to seek proper treatment and take due care of your heart.

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