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The workplace is a natural breeding ground for romance. But are you able to take care of the challenges of office romance at the workplace?

You’re spending plenty of time with those who have at least one thing in common with you, and, obviously, you’re in proximity. If you have a heartbeat (not to mention hormones), that attractive person at the next desk – or your cute, powerful boss – could seem pretty tempting.

But, workplace romance is risky. You still have to function in precisely the same work setting if the relationship fizzles – imagine trying to concentrate on work while your ex is emailing poetry to a new love at the next desk. Workplace romance is also more difficult to keep under wraps than a celebrity scandal, so be prepared to be the hot topic at the water cooler.

In actuality, many businesses have very definite policies about workplace fraternization. Not every company thinks love at work is a gorgeous thing. Always ensure that you understand what your official company policy is before you dip your toe into the love-at-work waters.

romantic relationships at the office

If cupid strikes and it is a coworker you are attracted to (and this man is sending signals back to you), be cautious. Even if the business provides a thumbs-up to your potential relationship, there is more at stake than simply being the subject of office gossip. Both of you need to ask yourself the following questions:

  • Are you looking for romance, or are you just interested in having a close friendship because you’re bored or lonely?
  • Who else knows that the two of you’re interested in each other? Would your romance make these people uneasy? Or cause them to hurt your ability to be discreet?
  • How will you agree (in advance) to handle things if the relationship sours?

If you decide that the risks are acceptable, or you simply can’t control your emotions, do not begin crying it from the rooftops. Office romances should be handled very carefully and gently. Canoodling coworkers can make others uncomfortable.

Here are some tips to deal with challenges of office romance at workplace

1. Steer clear of your direct boss or subordinate.

While some office connections may be acceptable, dating the person, you report to, or somebody who reports to you is not.

If you insist on being together, it is advisable to get your reporting relationship changed, which you may do so by moving to another department or switching jobs.

2. Proceed with caution

You will do yourself a favor by taking things slow. Ensure both parties possess the maturity, judgment, and tact to handle a potentially intense psychological experience in a work environment way ahead of the connection progresses

3. Be discreet.

It’s advisable to keep your relationship discreet. But even if you don’t choose to keep the affair top secret, displays of affection in the workplace should refrain. Never give the impression that you take affairs of the heart more seriously than affairs of work.

Always be on your best behavior, and should you choose to break things off, do this as gently as you can. You should never dump one co-worker for another.

Lastly, if you’re merely lonely, bored or brought to somebody who might harm your career, consider getting out of the office more, not getting involved on the job. The workplace is a place to conduct business. There are potential new loves outside of your nine-to-five life, only waiting to meet you.

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