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When it comes to wine drinking, a lot of people have the incorrect perception that it is detrimental to health and so must be avoided at all costs. While it is true that an excessive intake of alcohol is devastating to your body, moderate drinking of wine every day is nevertheless absolutely beneficial to your health. If you’re wondering, moderation here means one or two glasses of wine per day for adults. If you’re interested, please continue reading to unlock the four ultimate truths in having 1 to 2 glasses of wine every day.

First of all, studies have shown that having a glass of wine on a daily basis can help you attain better memory. This is by no means a new discovery since it is been backed by research done on mature adults.  The research  unanimously concluded that those who have a glass of wine every day do have much better memory in comparison with those who abstained from wine entirely. This is because wine is proven to be able to reduce blood vessel inflammation and so to prevent clots.

benefits of drinking wine

Secondly, while it might not be a well-known fact, wine does enable you to slow down the effects of aging. More often than not, people are very well informed about the fact that the best product for anti-aging is resveratrol. This is reflected in the manner of resveratrol being such a big hit among the ones that seek the answer for anti-aging, but what they don’t realize is that resveratrol is part of red wine. Fundamentally, red wine can enable you to protect your cells from free radical damage.

Thirdly, it is through extensive studies and research that we know about the fact that those who drink 1 to 2 glasses of wine per day have lower body mass index when compared with those that don’t. This also suggests that drinking wine regularly and moderately will give you smaller waists. This finding is hardly surprising, given the fact that a moderate intake of alcohol does encourage your body to burn more calories.

Keep in mind however, that these statements are only valid for moderate intake of alcohol. If you drink a lot of wine, it will be bad rather than good for your body.

The fourth fact that we will talk about is probably among the most important points that you’ll ever hear about wine. Are you aware that wine is full of biological elements which have anti-cancer properties? Comparatively, red wine is richer in these elements compared to white wine. While drinking wine moderately doesn’t mean that you won’t ever have cancer, it does lower the chance of you contracting cancer or help you in curing one if you happen to be an unfortunate one.

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