With more than 60 million websites powered by WordPress as of a year ago, it has quickly become the go-to resource for business owners. WordPress is an open source blogging platform created in 2003. Since that time, it has been an extremely user-friendly option for all but the largest of websites. OK, enough of the tech talk, what does this mean to you?

Open Source

Free and Open Source means free to use for everybody – no monthly charges. It also means that, in the case of WordPress, there’s a community of developers constantly testing, tweaking and making sure WordPress is at its absolute best at all time.

It follows that WordPress is a secure platform and that is very important as the news is constantly discussing security breaches of one sort or another.

Powerful Built-in Editor

WordPress comes with a built-in editor that lets the user write posts or pages, in addition to updating existing posts and pages. It may take the support of a web designer to get you started, but after a quick tutorial, you’ll be ready to go.

The editor enables you to use standard Word Processing tools like copy, paste, bold, italics, also, to insert images and hyperlinks. With the value of ranking being a consideration, it is straightforward for anyone to post to their business blog on a regular basis – an important part of your SEO strategy.


WordPress has a bunch of add-ons, called plugins, which you can enhance your site and set up a complete shop. You will have to visit some other details, but for the most part, you can upload the plugin, add the products and begin selling. A good web designer can point you in the direction of the best plugins for eCommerce and should be around to help you with the setup – just to make sure everything is done properly. But after that, you are set!


WordPress is database driven which means that your overall site speed will be greatly increased. This means your visitors are happier and Google enjoys a faster site, also. You can address issues such as page cache (which can help speed up page delivery) by using plugins, also.

Design Flow

WordPress runs on a template system, making the site run smoother and it keeps the general design of the site consistent. We’ve all seen sites where every page looks like it’s a completely different site. It isn’t a fantastic look, it destroys business branding, and it reduces the visitors’ impression of your site – and your business.