You already have a website which has good content on it. You might not be interested in joining a bunch of affiliate programs and having to keep up with of the affiliate networks. However, you want to provide your customers products and services which are related to your web content. You might not be expecting to make a good deal of money, but instead, you are on the lookout for your web visitors.

Start with loading your site with good SEO keyword optimized content. It just means making sure the search engines can understand what your page is about by properly identifying information.

For AdSense to work, you must have people coming to your site.

Enrolling in Google AdSense only takes a couple of minutes. You just enter some simple details about yourself and your site, and if everything checks out, you get into the AdSense program. Getting into the program is just the beginning. Once you are in you have to understand how to use the machine. You log into the site and have to start creating the advertisements that will appear on your site. First, take a look at your site and start identifying places on your site which may be a fantastic spot for an ad. Take note of the colors that you are using because you are going to use these colors later when you are making your ads.

Select the type of ad that you want to conduct

You can select between text and graphic ads for your site. So if you have a color scheme then use it in making your text link advertisements. You can customize the color and size of the title, background, and URL of the advertisement. Once you think of a good looking advertisement, you can name it and create it. This is a key step because you will want to know which ads are being seen by your web visitors. Instead of using a generic name for the connection make sure to be descriptive so that you will know where its traffic is coming from. So rather than naming an advertisement “ad1” call it “blackfridaysidebar”. This way when you log in to your account, you can know which ad and site are generating traffic. You can have multiple ads on a webpage, so it also helps to identify which ad is getting traffic.

Watch this detailed video that explains how exactly how to go about creating Google AdSense for your website.

Before making changes

Before you start adding any code to your site. You should be sure that you backup the website. If you make changes to the site and it doesn’t work properly, or you delete any HTML it could cause your site not to appear correctly. Save a copy of the pages which you are going to update. Just in case you have to restore the page to its working state.

Placement of text links and banners

Where are you going to put them? Here are only a few places that you could put them. You can place them in the sidebar. You can put them in the footer, or you can put them above the header on top of the page. Some people like to put the ads in close to the content. You’ll have to try ad placements and find what works best for your site. You are not trying to trick your web visitors into clicking on ads. You only want to make your site, and the ads blend nicely.

See example website placement for Google Adwords below:

Google adwords placement example

Testing your website

After you’ve created the links and copied and pasted them into your site then its time to check your site to make sure banners and links are showing up properly. After a couple of minutes of loading your site, you should return to your site and see if the ads are appearing. When you see them on your site, you are done. If you see an error message, then return to your code and check to make sure you copied all of the ad code.